Our Team
Our outdoor courts are created by ProSportCourt Inc, headquartered in Delaware and with years of experience upgrading and maintaining squash courts across North America. The team takes pride in employing veterans of the armed forces. The company also has a team in the UK pioneering outdoor squash courts.

Contact our sales team via Lee Witham: Info@ProSportCourt.com  |  +1 (888) 280 9666

The company has considerable experience within the sport, but also within the broader sports infrastructure sector. One of our founders is a former professional squash player ensuring our products are considered from the athlete’s point of view, not just the technical teams who develop them. This approach has enabled particular innovation in court lighting where a combination of the player’s needs and the LED manufacturer’s knowledge results in a greatly improved on-court experience.

We have 20 years experience running some of the most prestigious private sports facilities and therefore understand the process of how a club or developer commissions new courts and infrastructure.
Our founders have also advised public and private clubs on running facilities, building communities of players, recruiting and managing coaches and management teams.

Our team is split between the US, England and Spain. Our collaboration with HETA is based in London but their architectural practice extends around the world and we anticipate launching the Pavilion concept in the Far East and the USA. HETA is an acknowledged leader in the design of wellness centres and the emerging field of Esports facility design.